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“Who was I to think that I could be the one…” 

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There’s a hole in my heart.


Put there

with a slow slit 

by a gentle

steady hand. 


The murder weapon hidden in your stare. 


I swore I could love the fear right out of you.

Paint us a happy ending with the “I love you” texts you never responded to.


You once told me there was beauty in silence. 

Beauty in the nothing you had to say to me. 

The nothing I was to you. 


How dare I love someone that much. 

Bleed out on the floor of our happy home. 


How dare I want things to be okay? 


Had no idea of who I was claiming to love

until I woke up with your hands around my neck.


Clever as a 


that was never

in love. 



vacuumed my prayers right out of the air between us.


Sliced right through the artery 

and dared me to scream. 


Smiled as you dumped dirt on our grave. 



never ashamed to make you a necessity

but you love letting things know how unimportant they are. 


Indifference, so loud in everything you did

like you were whispering in my ear how I’d die.


I guess even a heartbeat is a dime a dozen. 

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