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Well... since you done asked.

Born in Richmond, Virginia and raised in Tampa, Florida, Charles was a born artist. He done gone from backyard boogies to shaking stages all over America. Gifted with gab that breaks chains and melts faces, Charles will tell you that it is never just entertainment. His art embodied true self-expression and a life long commitment to the craft.  

Charles: The Poet

Charles spent a lot of money to major in English: Creative Writing at The University of Central Florida. There, he hit his stride as a spoken word poet; serving as President and Slam Coordinator for the college only spoken word organization Project: SPIT (Student Poetry Initiating Thought). From there, he started bopping around, slamming and teaching and poeting wherever he could. Touching the mic everywhere from Miami to Los Angeles. Recently, his credits include: Orlando Fusion Fest Slam Champion 2020 and 2021,the GrowHouse Tampa Gab and Jab Poetry Slam Champion and Slammadness 2023 Runner Up and third ranked Indie Poet at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam 2023.  Did we mention he also has two poetry books , Heart Feelings, and Incomplete Poetry available on Amazon?

Charles: The Actor

Charles got his first opportunity acting in high school theatre. Overtime, he'd participate in over twenty theatrical performances from: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels to The Wedding Singer. In college, he shifted his focus from stage to film. Making appearances in short films from: "Fresh Start" to "Visions of Love". He's also done professional background work on TV shows such as: "Atlanta", "The Resident" and "Cobra Kai".

2010 - present
2010 - present
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