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"You look happier. I checked, of course..." 

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I guess I’ll start with an apology. 


One I won’t wait for you to return. 


Teach my tongue to love the taste of glass. 

Brush the blood out of my teeth.

Swallow the bitterness


and smile. 


How big a difference a day makes. 



brushing me away every twenty fifth hour. 


rolling all our magic moment into every tomorrow. 


Some nights I stare at the last text you sent me 

praying the angels would deliver you some of my regrets. 

Could the breeze chill your skin at a temperature only I could warm? 

Maybe the sun could dim just enough to make you change your mind.


If I really loved you I’d be happy you’re happy. 

If I really loved myself, I’d want what’s best for me. 


You seem to be doing so well.

And I try not take it personally. 

Hold onto hope’s hoax. 


I still wait for your texts. 


Search the pockets of my loneliness for maturity I don’t have. 

Trust that

one day I’ll outgrow this pain the same way you outgrew me. 


I can’t be bitter with timing so I’ll be bitter with myself.


It’s the little things that keep my car out of rivers


my blood off of floors. 


But I know it’s wrong to be that honest. 


You’re not a bad guy.

Just a guy who broke my heart. 

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